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1968 Schwinn Stingray Orange Krate
"True Survivor"

A twenty year search had me calling around to every bike shop in Las Vegas until I stumbled upon Jade Sports in Mesquite, Nevada who had an original 1968 Orange Krate for sale. Passing thru while working my armored car job, I stopped by the store and embraced my future hanging from the ceiling, I instantly knew that my twenty year search for the one bike has finally materialized. I quickly wrote a check to the owner... armed with my co-workers I loaded my childhood prize in the rear of the truck as it was one of the millions the truck was currently carrying. It took me a year to finally restore the bike back to its correct luster as it was very used for a 32 year old bike. This bike took 1st Place in the 20 inch Original Category at the Lowrider Supershow 2000 in Las Vegas, NV.

1971 Schwinn Stingray Grey Ghosts
"The Schwinn Towers"

Two pillars of steel that would erect from the ground in the shape of bikes. Two Grey Ghosts, one year bikes produced only in 1971 to represent and honor those fallen heroes in the 9/11 Tragedy. Never Forgotten the Schwinn-Towers were created, one 5 speed version with the rare rear Disc brake set-up (December 1971) and the Coaster brake version (single speed). These bikes are my Mercedes Benz of the collection, not only for the rarity but for what they represent and stand for.

1972 Schwinn Stingray Pea Picker Krate
"One Unique Fender Krate"

A 1972 Pea Picker with the rare rear disc brake, the last year for the Pea Picker and the first year they introduced the rear disc brake option. The rear disc made its debut in late 1971 months, like old school muscle cars a lot of these great options was short lived. A Fender Guitar was created to clone all the great options these Krates had to offer from the Candy paint job to the hand painted decals. A wheelie bar was installed to take you back to the day where bike riding was fun and competitive. All my bikes are created differently with their own personality.

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